Friday, May 19, 2017

trampoline find

They (and I) still like to jump.

But I refuse to go to the tiny over-crowded space in town.

Online, I see there are several other trampoline parks in outlying parts of Singapore.

Well, since we have a car, why not?

We hit one which is about 25km away in the West and strike gold.

* Industrial building

* Jumping quartet

It’s huge, with three basketball “lanes”, two dodgeball courts, a rock climbing wall, special Olympics super-bouncy trampolines, and three trampoline lanes for stunts.




* Day on the trampoline track

* Me doing something which makes the girls laugh

There are very few people (for now).

It reminds me of the very first one we went to in Tanjong Katong, in that it feels a bit like a factory without central air-con (huge standing fans instead) with sunlight filtering through.

* Monsoon air-con units

It’s cheaper. Monday to Thursday, its $14 per hour (for all) compared to $19 per hour (student rate) for Bounce.

There’s free drinking water from water dispensers, so there’s no need to pay for expensive bottled water.

The way things are run, it's all pretty relaxed, it's not popular to the point where rules are enforced in a draconian manner. So if we arrive early and want to start five minutes before, they're fine with it.

We can use any socks we want. They don’t force us to buy their socks.

* Great form of fun exercise

Most importantly, it has a cafĂ© with wifi. Why is that important? 

Because it’s a lure for KK, who has totally gone off outdoors sports and all sorts of exercise apart from hot yoga in a hoity-toity pricey yoga studio.

Finally, here’s a place where we can sweat it out and he’s actually THERE with us, sitting at the cafe hunched over his laptop / mobile phone, with a drink.



J said...

Babe, where is this? June

Sher said...

zoom park asia, pandan gardens