Friday, June 30, 2017


Straight home from KL, we opened the door with luggage in tow to find that the awning which sheltered the balcony of the neighbor's flat above had crashed into our balcony.


Heavy rain and torrential winds had apparently ripped the aging awning off the structure it was clinging to, and blew the carnage not vertically down to the ground floor, but sideways into our balcony, shearing and destroying our bamboo blind and knocking off some bikes in the process.

What a strike!

We can only be very thankful that the awning didn’t fall all the way down and flatten some unsuspecting person who might have been walking down below. Or hurt us.

And I am very thankful KK took charge of the “claim”, firmly batting away the endless apologies and making sure that the owner of the flat above paid for the swift replacement of our blind. I wisely kept quiet, because if left to me I’d make friends with the owner, tell her “it’s OK, it’s OK”, accept her apologies and pay for my own replacement blind!

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