Sunday, June 18, 2017

father’s day

“Let’s go to Paradise to celebrate Father’s Day,” Por Por said.

“What? Why always Chinese restaurants?” the kids chorus.

These, are my entitled, bratty, spoilt kids.

So what if Por Por likes top-notch Chinese food? And so what if we always go to Chinese restaurants like Tung Lok and Canton Paradise for every single family celebration? It’s a huge blessing, especially when she pays. (of course, sometimes we do)

* Bill! (Teng to check, Por Por to pay)

* Tim sum

* The girls would like me to put up the Piggy Buns photo

Por Por once asked me, “So if I’m gone, who is going to organise and pay for all these outings?”

I said, “We’ll be going to hawker centres”. Because all three of her children are cheapskate.

* Us three and our Papa...

* ... these three and their Papa

* Family photo, taken by Phoebe. What are you doing, Day?

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