Wednesday, June 14, 2017

he grows

More on Day's shooting up, because not since baby days have the physical changes been so apparent.

* Between the two black lines, growth in one year (Day keeps track by penciling the wall, not me)

He tells me he’s still amongst the shortest in class, but good grief, he's got size 8 feet. He comfortably shares shoes with KK.

* A year later, his size 8, my size 7

I suppose now is the time for critical self-reflection on physicality, and there is plenty he's not happy with. "I've got rickets" he moans, scrutinising his slight bow-leggedness. "I've got a weak chin," he sniffs, turning his profile this way and that in the mirror.

* Not weak lah. Elfish, maybe?

What can I say but give the standard reply - You're lucky you've got all your body parts and they're all functioning - and wait for him to grow into acceptance.

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