Friday, June 16, 2017

holiday preferences

These days, I’m likely to sit at my computer and do work even when they’re at home with me all day, because organizing “fun” holiday stuff for them has become onerous. I have to persuade and cajole them to go along with my plan. What for?

And as I’m sitting at my computer or doing some housework, this is what would naturally take place if I didn't intervene:

* Day would be quietly on his laptop / mobile phone every single minute of the day. It's like he isn't at home.

* Jo would be on her mobile, occasionally stopping to play on the bar or hang out with Lu, maybe doing (some sort of app) on her phone or taking some videos, or getting into some sort of quarrel with me if she bullies Lu.

* Lu would have her nose buried in a book, and sometimes she’d play. (that is premised on the fact that she doesn't yet have a mobile. I am dead certain that once she is given one, her nose will be buried in it, for when she does get her hands on my phone she can't seem to stop You-Tubing)

Lu is the only one who still wants to play, play as defined (by me) as some wholesome imaginative fun activity which doesn’t involve a screen. I grab on to these moments. These are the last vestiges of a halcyon past!

* She pulls on a swimsuit, fills and ties up some water balloons and says: Hit me, Mama! (just like during her birthday)

* From a Youtube video: She stretches a sock over a half-cut plastic bottle and immerses the sock into bubble solution

* The underside of the sock

* Blow...

* ... bubble trail! (this is one of her few successful Youtube-inspired Science experiments)

* Lulu and I at Breakwater #4

* My little companion... still


Anonymous said...

Ever thought of restricting mobile use for the older 2?sounds really unhealthy, imo for them to be so addicted to the phone at their age. But it's probably a lot easier said than done! My 2 year-old clambers all over me to get to the phone alr!

Long time reader

Sher said...

yes i do. tts why i said, this is what would take place if i didn't intervene.

most times i do, but its terribly frustrating because i have learnt that for all that i try (restrict, ban, educate, cajole, bribe etc) there will ultimately be no personal "repentance" or "realization" or "illumination" that staying off the screen is beneficial. it just wont happen.

once upon a time i thought their wholesome childhood, spent mostly playing healthily and exploring the real world, would stand them in good stead. like a form of "insurance" against screen addiction because they've experienced better. NO. they just wont ever decide on their own to put away or switch off if i didn't do something. and how long am i to police them? how can i, when even adults around them are forever onscreen?

what we need is clear rules and that - coming up with and enforcing rules over time - is my great weakness.

Anonymous said...

I guess thats what addiction looks like, the inability to pull away even when it's getting detrimental. However, I think there's still hope yet, at least Day CHOSE not to bring his mobile along during the penang trip. Now, isn't that a ray of hope that all is not lost yet! Kudos to your constant and tireless efforts in giving the kids a wholesome, healthy childhood. I'm sure in time to come, they will get it eventually. Don't give up the fight! :)