Thursday, June 22, 2017


Its apparent from the Holiday Housework Tally that each of them gravitates towards certain chores.


Not surprisingly, Day ends up cooking a lot.

* Removing the skin from the chicken

He’s also the one who ends up doing the hardest chores which no one else wants to do, like washing up a sinkful of oily dishes and food scraps.

I know that whatever household chore I ask Day to do, he will get to it without complaint.

Jo does not like housework. Most times, she will never do what I ask her to do.

The two “Js” under vacuuming were self-assigned chores. She decided to vacuum because she realized she was losing out to her siblings in the housework “competition”. Vacuuming is also easy and fun, ever since we got the vacuum “gun”.

Lu whines a bit, but will get to it. Her thing is putting things in order, like returning all the odds and ends which make their way to the living room back in their original places.


ZF said...

Day looked so skilled with that knife!

Sher said...

he anyhow whack.