Wednesday, June 28, 2017

kl: a community

For a short spell, we hung around a cluster of aged public flats, with dark stains mottling the walls and patches of rust where there was metal.

* Choon, who also feels the pull of the flats

Never mind the cosmetics. It seemed a community I would be happy to live in. (It’s where Phoebe’s cousin grew up in)

Day and Jo don’t agree, of course. So old and dirty, they said. They didn’t even want to stay very long in the playground.


* The slide, which comprises marble slabs

But I'm a bit of a romantic at heart. As the sun set and kids started streaming out from the flats which bordered a patch of green, and as parents came out to sit on the stone benches to chit-chat, it felt rustic and homely and golden.


Some of the ground-floor occupants ran provision shops, all manner of drinks and ice-creams and sweets and chips and biscuits dangling enticingly in their balconies which attracted  children by the hordes. “Uncle, ice-cream,” a little boy with ringgit in his hand shouted, as the owner who was watching TV in his living room walked out to make the sale.

Outside, we heard loud pops as some kids started playing with what appeared to be firecrackers.

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