Monday, June 12, 2017

lu’s classroom convo

Sitting next to a rather precocious boy in class with whom she plays “pen fights”, Lu and the boy carry out a written conversation when, oh I don’t know, the teacher is talking?

(I just happened to come across the little booklet which Lu had stapled together, for her and her partner's conversations)


Reading it aloud and “hearing” the conversation in my head, I laugh. Would she have these “conversations” if she were in an all-girls’ school? Or maybe even more? Lu's lines in bold.

Boy: What should we write?
L: I don’t know.
B: Tell me. Our teacher ask us to write 500 words. And we must not lose it.
L: OK. Can we write about our holidays?
B: June holidays?
L: Last year holidays.
B: December holidays?
L: Yeah.
B: Last year, I went to Hong Kong.
L: Last year, I went to Japan. It was very very cold.
B: Which part of Japan?
L: Tokyo. And then I took a train to a ski resort. It had very snowy mountains.
B: Wow! That’s nice.
L: Yeah. But I went for skiing and it was terrible. So I went to build a snowman. What about you?
B: I just went to Disneyland which was part of Hong Kong. I went there just to play and enjoy.
L: I also went to Disneyland! It was OK… I went for this Star Wars ride. It was quite scary. It was in Japan.
B: You mean Japan has Star Wars ride? Is that true?
L: Yeah. It wasn’t very nice.
B: But it was not scary for me.
L: I don’t like it.
B: We are like writing a compo.
L: Yeah. Kind of.
B: What should we talk now?
L: Don’t know. How about…
B: Tell me!
L: Don’t know…
B: Quickly! Tell me, I beg you!!
L: I DON’T KNOW!!!!!
B: I BEG YOU!!!!!
B: Why don’t we talk about at home!!!!!
L: K.
B: So, what do you do at home?
L: Draw?!
B: Only?!
L: Yeah.
B: Meaning, you don’t eat, do homework, sleep, play?!!
L: NO!! Can we talk about something else?
B: OK!! What?!
L: Personality, hobby??!!
B: What should we talk about HOBBY!!
L: My hobby is drawing and reading.
B: My hobby is playing board games and reading!
L: Really? What board games do you play?
B: Chess, Mastermind and Monopoly!
L: I also have Mastermind.
B: How many times you can guess the colour?
L: I don’t play it very often, so I guess maybe 5 times?
B: 5?? I can guess in 3 or 4!
L: Oh… maybe not 5.
B: What number?
L: Yeah, maybe 3 or 4
B: That is good!
L: Really? I thought you would be better.
B: How about chess or Monopoly?? I sometimes can guess 1 or 2!
L: Monopoly I have, chess I don’t. Monopoly is OK.
B: Did you win before?!
L: No. But I had a hotel.
B: Which hotel?
L: …
B: Tell me
L: I’m not sure! Please talk about something else


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are paying attention in class? Haha- min