Tuesday, June 06, 2017

penang: day

Top of his likes is the Escape Theme Park.

These days, when I really enjoy myself, I put away the camera. So I don’t really have photos of the park because I stuck it in a locker and climbed along with the kids.

But it’s a magical place. I knew about it because ex-colleague Jane blogged about it before. Essentially it’s a forest with obstacle courses thrown in – ropes, logs, swings, trapeze, bridges - and you just do whatever you like.

* Not my photo, from an official website

A real back to nature experience, it's new-ish and a huge Water Park just opposite the road is opening right about now, probably making this area a new mega tourist attraction.

When we went it was school holidays for the Penang kids, and there were loads of local teenagers swinging in the trees, along with us.

* Day's doing... taichi?

Day took off on his own and monkey-ed his way around the top-level obstacles, which appeared to be about three storeys high. Complaining about people in front of him who were too darned slow, Day didn’t seem to fear for his life at any point.


* Day jumping off the platform

He’d unclip his carabiner for a drink or a snack (even without us, all he had to do was to key in a pin code linked to our “account” and he could “pay” for his purchases), then scoot up again.

He had so much sun and fun at Escape, he appeared hungover and somewhat trashed the next day.

Day’s fave food: Assam laksa.


That has never changed, not since 2009. He inhaled that laksa. (one of the bowls above is mine lah)

His dislike: The aftermath of Escape. 

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