Thursday, June 08, 2017

penang: jo

Like Day, Jo loved Escape.

Unlike him, however, she didn’t dare to roam on her own and stuck with me and Lu, meaning she confined herself to easier courses, and only going up to Level 2 (instead of Level 3 with Day).

Why didn’t she go with Day? 

She felt he was too gung-ho, and was afraid of being left behind.

So she was sort of in a No Man’s Land… too scared to forge ahead, stuck in the trenches with us. When Lu wanted to do the kid's obstacle course, she rolled her eyes and sighed, but did it anyway.




The other thing she couldn’t get enough of was swimming at the Golden Sands Resort, which was where we stayed at Batu Ferringhi.

* Golden Sands, which I think is part of the same hotel family as this one and which felt almost exactly the same

The reason for my wanting to be at the Batu Ferringhi beach, was because I remember going to Penang with my folks and hanging out collecting large seashells at a beach, next to a motel called Sri Pantai, on several occasions. I'm not sure if it's still standing. It was simple and idyllic and restful. I imagined the beach at Batu Ferringhi – having driven past it a few times on past trips – would be just as appealing in a peaceful way.

* The one time the girls went to the beach: To take a photo

It wasn’t. Full of touts every 10m trying to sell us jetski and parasailing experiences, the beach wasn’t the pretty stretches I had passed by before, these were elsewhere. It was actually rather unpleasant.

The kids stuck to the pool which was thankfully the girls’ favourite.

No matter what we did or how tired we were after a morning or afternoon outing, Jo and Lu would clamour to go “home” to the hotel, fling off their clothes, squeeze into their swimsuits and in a fresh burst of energy tear their way down to the pool to …. slide down the two water slides over and over and over and over again, individually or Jo hugging Lu from behind in a "train".



I don’t get how they didn’t get sick of it. Very fun, meh? They must have clocked up hundreds of attempts over three days. I didn't see any other kids as obssessed with the slides as the girls were.

Top food? Jo said “I liked several foods I can’t choose one”.

* She liked this brownie with salted-egg ice cream and caramelized banana sauce, from What The Duck

* "Don't touch my bak kut teh"

Dislike? She wrote, “The weather is hot, the streets are smelly and most things are dirty”.


Unknown said...

I used to stay at the Sri pantai with my family when I was young and remember the beach fondly too. We caught crabs at night! Thanks for reminding me about the beach and the motel, a very treasured memory :)

Sher said...

ooh i never went out at night! wish i did... i loved sri pantai. its not a fancy wow-wow kind of place, but so many nice memories.