Saturday, June 10, 2017

penang: lu

She’s the kid who likes wandering around in museums, looking at interesting things in air-conditioned comfort.

While swimming in the Golden Sands pool was one of her faves, she also counts the Gold Museum and Butterfly Park as memorable.

Gold Museum?

Yes, it’s one in a plethora of museums which have sprung up in Penang in recent years, I suppose to cater to tourists, just like in Jeju where there is a museum for everything.

The Gold Museum was recommended to us by one of our Grab taxi drivers. Lu wasn’t very interested in the museum per se, but when she heard there was an opportunity to try her hand at panning for gold, she perked up.

So in that museum (really a rather short walk through a space designed to look like an underground mine ending with a room full of gold and silver products for tourists to buy), as the rest of our group moved on with the guide, our family hung out in the simulated gold panning room.

* The museum mostly offers photo opportunities like these

Lu begged to stay, getting thoroughly wet as she repeatedly dipped her pan into the water to dredge up some sand and trilling in excitement whenever she spotted a tiny (gold-painted) fleck of stone.



She was also very happy in the butterfly park, which has been renovated and re-named the Entopia Butterfly Farm. Unlike in the past when it was open-air and visitors mostly walked around getting deluged by butterflies, staring at boards with butterfly carcasses pinned up on it, it’s now an air-conditioned space somewhat resembling a tiny Gardens by the Bay dome.

* Then (Dec 2009). This is Jo, Lu was back in Singapore with KK

* Now


* Smallish dome

* Lu busy taking photos of all the animals, as usual

Lizards and other creatures (centipedes, millipedes etc) have been throw into the animal mix, and the exhibits are interactive and I suppose, more engaging.

Day didn’t go as he was hungover from Escape, but Jo and Lu had a great time.

Lu's top food? Watermelon-flavoured chewing gum. Whenever we go back to Malaysia, Lu hunts for that gum.

Dislike? She didn’t say she disliked anything, but I think she found Escape rather harrowing.

Her first time on a high-up obstacle course, the moment she stepped onto the logs she couldn’t go back because people were behind her.

Pale-faced, almost crying and terrified, trying gamely to handle the carabiners, she only made it through because Jo shouted encouragement and cajoled her from the front while I gently supported her from the back. 

I was very proud of Lu. But after one round she chose to stay grounded.

* Her highlight at Escape: Taking photos of the many chickens, roosters, geese etc


Anonymous said...

Is that my camera? I'm glad its put to good use. Jun.
How did the pictures turn out?

Sher said...

dunno if its yours. the lumix right?? i printed her pictures out into an album. show u...