Thursday, July 06, 2017


We are all gearing up for Choon’s wedding lunch. No one’s in the mood to celebrate anything, too much eating.

But it’s the 14th anniversary of our wedding dinner! (must be precise)


A friend pointed out, and I agreed, that while KK used to actually go cycling with me he’s gone off outdoor sport entirely so we should turn in the other direction (gain weight not lose weight) and fully embrace it. By eating.

We don’t go over the top, not like last year. (I think once at Restaurant Andre is quite enough)

Instead, we visit a restaurant near us where we ventured nearly two years ago, to put strange high-end things in our mouth.

What do we taste for the first time?

Beef tartare. And slivers of actual truffle, summer black truffle. We’ve never had either.


The raw beef sits like a short cylinder in a pool of what appears to be some sort of mushroom-y soup, with the truffle scattered on top.

This is delicious. I wasn’t sure about the beef, but in my mouth it's just like very chewy sushi.

The girls – who are with us, yes I know, why are they with us? We just didn’t’ know what to do with them – stuff a slice of truffle in their mouths. “It tastes like the French fries at Por Por’s place, but the flavor is not so strong” Jo declared, on the fries which Jai usually drenches in truffle oil. I tell her she’s having the real thing, not oil made in a lab, so it tastes delicate and subtle.

* Lulu and Jo mostly sticking to ham and mushroom pizza, and lasagne


The other thing we tried was uni (sea urchin) in a risotto with tiny cubes of squid.


Good Lord, it tastes like diluted shit. KK had one, laughed, turned to me and said, “You can have the rest.”

I did, eat it all up. It didn’t make me retch and I think I could go on, but I don’t think I like uni very much.


Anonymous said...

Have raw uni! It's like being kissed by the ocean, just beautiful!!!

Jo Tan

ZF said...

Lol. I always enjoy your writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Uni can be a hit or miss. I find its really hard unless the Uni is very fresh. I like the place you went to. We had very good beef there. :)