Tuesday, July 04, 2017

art developments

(only relates to Lu)

Art Friend

A favourite outing for Lu and I which has come into being, is going to Art Friend at Bras Basah.

* May Bras Basah never be equipped with air-con and cookie-cutter shops

She generally hates going out. But for Art Friend, she will agree to move.

* Pardon the face, which reads: Do I have to take photo?

The place is a fascinating repository of all sorts of professional art equipment which make her eyes gleam. I love it too. Looking at art stuff is infinitely more exciting than looking at the usual mall line-up.

What is this, Mama, she asks. Most times I can’t answer, or I guess. She always keeps things simple and walks away with, say, three pieces of chalk (in the most marvelous colours) or one bottle of acrylic paint. She is never extravagant.

* Her pick, guarded by Bibi

After that we head to the National Library, another fav destination of us two, and end off at Hans to enjoy our books while feasting on chicken chop and coffee cake. Yes I know the food at Hans isn’t exactly gourmet, but that place is one of the few places where, for me, the price and ambience and association (open sunny airy space where I can savour my books) trumps food quality.


(Anyway I do like their chicken chops and coffee cake and teh si. I always have all three at the same time)


Art Mediums

From pencils and shading she has moved on to experiment with other mediums.

Chiefly, chalk art and some 3D stuff, thanks to the school Visual Arts Club. I hear they are doing pottery next.

* Chalk drawing of all three Bibi's, on her room wall

Art Corner

After months and months of talking, I finally take action and grab a plastic table and chair from Ikea to create an art corner for her at the back balcony.


It’s a bright and breezy, probably one of the best spots in the house were it not next to the dustbin, but Lu doesn’t mind.

* Good for reading and chilling out too

As she does her art and crafts, she faces a line-up of tiny pots of green, mostly hers. 


They thrive because she gives them lots of love, watering them every day carefully with a syringe, the sort used to feed babies medicine which I had kept from their childhood. Her cactuses actually flower.

* She remembers where and how each cactus came into her care, and they're all special to her

* Latest addition - kangkong from school

It’s a really happy space, full of life and goodness.

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