Wednesday, July 12, 2017

big family

For Choon's wedding, the relatives turn up in droves, including the whole bunch from Malaysia who would normally have no good reason to step into a country where the exchange rate is so unfavourable.

It was a big family reunion of sorts. Between Gong Gong and his four siblings they produced over 20 children who had their own children, so on and so forth.

* Gong Gong's family: #5, #3, #2 and Gong Gong who is #4. The father of my nine Malaysian cousins, #1, has passed away

* Everybody's here for Choon!

* My niece, Li Wen's, baby. I tell the girls that the baby's mummy is their generational peer. That is, if Gong Gong had married earlier they'd be having babies by now. They gape

* Gong Gong and Ah Thim, saying something which must have been very funny

* Some of our Malaysian relatives with Phoebe's relatives


As Choon said in his wedding speech, a big family is a blessing and something to treasure.

For I don’t think there will be many big family photos like these once my parents pass on. Families are so small and contained these days. It’ll probably just be me, Choon and Teng and our offspring. Tiny.

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