Sunday, July 02, 2017


(Chinese not very good)

A Whatsapp conversation in which the state of my Chinese is brought into stark relief. Context: I am messaging the Chinese tuition teacher.

老师我会迟到, 差不多 630
(Teacher, I’m going to be late, about 630)
对不起, 交通很坏, 要到了
(I’m sorry, traffic is bad, I’m reaching)

My kid (cannot say which one) scrutinizes my message, cringes, and proceeds to message the teacher):
对不起, 我妈妈的华语不太好。[交通很坏]?! ~XXX
(Sorry, my mother’s Chinese is not very good. Traffic is bad?! - XXX, XXX being the kid's name)
[交通很坏] 是错的对吗? ~ XXX
(Traffic is bad? Isn’t that wrong?)

(Yes it’s wrong. It should be ‘Traffic is congested’.)

My kid:

In my defence, I want to say that I am already very proud of my willingness to Whatsapp in Mandarin. I cannot make it but still try, can?


Anonymous said...

Must be jo!! :P
- long time reader

Sher said...

Haha... perhaps.