Sunday, July 30, 2017

more growing


He asks me to buy him four tea eggs. Four. He eats three at one shot and leaves the fourth for later. He enquires: “Is it OK for me to eat four eggs? Is there a problem with high cholesterol?” I tell him he’s young, he can eat the sky and the earth.

Our three, none of them have particularly large appetites. I’ve never had stories to share of a child who walloped two large servings of anything.

But Day’s appetite has suddenly swelled. More than at any other point in his life, he is eating discernibly more. He finishes his own adult portion and polishes off Jo and Lu’s remains (that used to be my job).

And he’s turned somewhat carnivorous. He relishes meat. There never has been much meat in the house, top on my mind is always the issue of vegetable and how to make sure there is some edible (hopefully yummy) vegetable on the table, but wow he really loves his meat now.


KK’s steaks are a bigger hit than ever, along with the winning sauce combination (garlic, onion, mushrooms, beef stock, very sinful cream, butter, loads of black pepper).


The potatoes and peas are consumed in deference to Mum’s insistence on “balanced meals”.


Oh and the other day he found his first pimple, to his great chagrin. 


Rubbing his forehead, still dry and fuzzy as a peach, Day scrutinized himself in the mirror and groaned: Is that a PIMPLE? KK promptly went to squeeze it.

Oh and oh, he took a shaver and mowed off the wispy hairs on his upper lip, with some guidance from KK. He was most pleased.

So many life firsts.


ZF said...

Can apply some aloe Vera to sooth the pimples. My boy carries a small bottle in his medical pouch.

Sher said...

oh ok! he does hv something to apply to "dry it up"...

Anonymous said...

Vitamin A is great for dealing with zits. Applying it to the spot, it dries up and drops off/fades quickly.

-- Jo Tan