Thursday, July 20, 2017

portfolio plus

By now I’ve realized that these award things (and other things regarded as “important" like certs) do matter. Two kids may be equally good, but packaging matters.

She could have made a clay butterfly at home, we’ll ooh and ah, I may blog about it, and it stops there. Lulu's butterflies:



She makes clay butterflies in school, school submits it together with all the rest of the clay butterflies made by her friends as an entry for the Singapore Youth Festival, it wins an award.

* "Butterflies in Paradise", the title of the work

“This will be important for her portfolio,” says the art teacher. “You must keep the programme which shows that this team project won a SYF award.”

Okay. I’m really glad the school is helping her to win prizes, and that she has at least one noteworthy item in her portfolio. I guess she wouldn't have much to show if she were just having fun at home.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the SYF presentation at *Scape, a space for youths in town. All the kids from the Visual Arts Club, with some parent volunteers (like me), go on a little excursion there after school.


It’s amazing what the kids churn out. The hall where the artworks are exhibited is a burst of colour and the inspiration behind the art is a lot less pretentious than adult art. I pore over and enjoy every piece.

* Made of straws

* One of my favourites because of its colours and textures

* I spend a long time poring over the boy's booklet detailing every step of his artwork

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