Friday, July 14, 2017


See something different?


It was the result of a long, well-considered and arduous decision.

For weeks, Jo had entertained the notion of cutting her hair.

It came out of the blue. Since her haircut in Primary 2, she never wanted her hair to go above her shoulder blades, and had notions of it reaching her waist.

Why did she suddenly want to cut her hair?

It had to do how she decided that taming her ponytail in the morning was too much work, with little to show for. First, she combs, combs and combs before gathering her hair back in a super-tight tail to ensure that there are no “balls” popping up on her scalp (anyone familiar with tying ponytails will know that hair will inevitably pop up in slightly looser places). Second, it is a great source of irritation to her when the ends of the ponytail don’t go in one direction. She curls, curls and curls, to no avail.

(her morning hair ritual can take 15-20 minutes)

There are many steps she takes before conclusively arriving at the eventual decision.

Simulation. She gathers up the ends of her hair and arranges a kind of bob, scrutinizing herself in the mirror to see if it’s acceptable. She does this not just once, but multiple times over weeks.

Feedback. She sends a message to the class group chat: Should I cut my hair? A boy replies: You should go bald.

Last-minute changes. A couple of times, I am on the brink of bringing her to the hairdresser when she says – No, no, no, I changed my mind. Of course I relent. This decision is firmly in her court, because I don’t want to be scolded if the cut is not ideal.

The day arrives. I walk with her to the hairdresser. 

* One last look

She very specifically details to the lady exactly how short it should be, and that she does not want a short fringe.


* Lady presents the ponytail. I could theoretically clone Jo in future with the DNA in that hair


Result: She is quite happy.

But because the hair “springs” up a bit, it is shorter than she’d like. After her shower, she also realizes to her great dismay that her hair, in a bob, does not automatically curl inwards. She still spends about 15-20 minutes every morning trying to curl in the ends with her brush.

The good part is that aside from the irritating "ticks", she doesn't really care what other people think about her new hair, unlike in Primary 2. She likes not having to waste time tying the perfect ponytail. And KK, the man who hates long hair, is absolutely thrilled. He whoops - like how he’d whoop when Man U scores a goal - when he returns home to see his daughter’s new bob.

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