Friday, August 11, 2017

a date with jo

I’m heading out for what promises to be a rather fun night, one in which the kids can all follow me if they want to.

I ask, I cajole, I nearly threaten. No one wants to. Day wants to stay at home with his laptop, as Friday is one of two nights in a week he gets access without interference to his beloved device.

Lu just wants to read books and do art. Jo, too, says no.

The days when the kids were hungry for all manner of new experiences - or at least amenable to them and obediently follow where I drag them - is over and because I have accepted that, I am more bemused in a “haiya” sort of way, than anything else. But I act profoundly disappointed, heading out with a faux sniffle, blinking my dry eyes. “I’m so sad, I’m all alone,” I murmur mournfully.

As I reverse my car, coming to a stop as I get ready to drive out of the compound, I suddenly hear a loud bang.

Ack! Did I smash into the van behind?

Turns out it was Jo, slamming the back door! Panting, she squeals – "Surprise!"

She explains, somewhat breathlessly while in the backseat of the car, “Luckily I managed to run down in time before you drove off. I really wanted to go with you, but I wanted to give you a surprise.”

I ask, If you had known earlier, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you wanted to come? Then I wouldn’t have to feel sad.

She replies, “If you didn’t feel sad, you wouldn’t feel so happy now that I’m here, right?”

Man. What would she put her boyfriend through?

I very seldom have one-on-one time with the kids, life is too messy as it is and I can’t figure how I’m supposed to plan “dates” with each kid. But we have a great night, one that I think we’ll both remember.


She helps me with ticket sales for a concert at the Victoria Concert Hall. (I wasn’t playing and I wasn’t paid, but just helping friends out). Because we were so short-handed (that's why I was hoping Day and Lu would all come along, to help out with counter sales, which I was sure they would enjoy), she really had quite a lot to do, from counting out change to doling out stickers which doubled as tickets for a rather long queue.

* Jo - Don't take my photo

* Before things got breathless...


After our jobs were done, we were famished. We suddenly remembered we had skate scooters in the booth,  hauled them out and scooted to and around the Esplanade, which is so atmospheric and pretty at night.

* I introduce her to this prawn noodle restaurant which I love, but she finds the soup a bit sweet


* My dry and spicy noodle

* Her soupy one

* Swinging toward the skyline

* Jo busy taking photos for her Instagram account

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-18 at 21.41.23


Would calamine-lotion moments like these sooth the sting of future friction?


Anonymous said...

I think you need a new camera.. the night shots will be so much better. Jun

Sher said...

but there's nothing wrong with the old one... its lasted me so long.