Saturday, August 19, 2017


Phoebe, who is moving in to stay with my folks, clears out a bag of stuff she’s never worn.

It’s a variety of tiny tanks with glittery stuff and sequins, skirts, knee-high fashion socks.

“It’s very small, maybe the girls can wear,” she says.

Choon, fondly referring to her blooming belly, quips, “Yah she’s cannot fit into it anymore.”

The girls pounce.

I think they’ve come to associate Phoebe with nice things: nice clothes, nice shoes, nice jewellery, nice hair accessories, everything which is girly and which I don’t own a scrap of.

“Oh my goodness I have never seen clothes like this,” they say, fingering the silver metallic embellishments on a tank during their “shopping session” which takes place the moment we reach home. They pour out all the clothes, grab what they want, strip of and try on one after the other.

They make their picks, I am given the task of raising the neckline on quite a few as they are overly low, and they fight over a couple of silky tops.

The first item they wear out? The long socks, which they agree to share after some strenuous discussion.

* Jo was very upset at how her socks don't match her shirt exactly ("it should be white and blue not black and blue") and how the shoes don't match her socks

I am frankly astounded they dare to wear it out, and they wear it on a blistering hot afternoon when we are headed to the coffeeshop (no air-con) for fishball noodles. At their age I was terribly fashion-shy and would rather die than stand out in any way (hence a lifetime of T-shirt, jeans/shorts and slippers)

Then I figure, they’ve got each other for company. If I had a sister who wore things out with me, perhaps I’d have dared to be a little more fashionable.


Ruby said...

Hihi! I've been reading your blog since 2010 and am always so entertained by your family's stories. It has been a long time since I read your blog (busy with kids) and I need to tell you this - I saw you with your daughters just now at Hometeam NS! I felt like a fan who just saw the idol. My hubby told your girls where you were when they lost sight of you. They were so friendly to wave back at me! Nice to see you! :)

Sher said...

hey! thanks so much for directing them :)
next time come and say hi!