Wednesday, August 09, 2017

national day

The outstanding bit about National Day this year is seeing Day in “officer wear”.


It’s his band uniform and its a real punch in the gut - takes my breath away in a good way.

The stiff clothes fills him out and he morphs from skinny beanpole to, well, officer, which potentially isn’t all that far away, in seven years or so (if he becomes an officer).

* Day, wearing the long pants which will be part of his school uniform once he reaches Secondary 3, can't wait to wear them daily. He doesn't like shorts

He looks such an adult.

He was part of the school band performing for the school’s National Day Observance ceremony, and that was the other bit.

* Day below me, but he doesn't know (invited parents aren't supposed to excitedly 'declare' themselves to their kids, lest they come off helicopter-ish)


Watching him play the clarinet for the first time, after several months of two-times-a-week (sometimes more) practices. Efficiently assembling the clarinet and watching his fingers move, correctly! (not that I can pick out his sound, I’m too far away, but the fingers, visually, are correctly dancing to the melody)

* National Day observance in Day's school. The band is playing Hermes, he's fourth from the right, front row

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