Thursday, August 31, 2017

no more fairies

This morning, shortly after I woke Lu up, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and came up to me with a bag in hand.

Inside the bag, to my great surprise, was a tiny pearly tooth. It apparently dropped the night before but as I was out, she didn’t tell me. Even when I returned, caught sight of the bowl of soapy water which she had used to rinse the tooth in and asked “What’s that?”, she shook her head and said nothing.

The tooth lay under her pillow in that bag the entire night, untouched and unclaimed.

There was a note on the bag:

IMG_3769 (2)
* The "other" letter refers to this

Then there was a sound. Of my heart breaking! There goes the last bastion of innocence and naivety and belief in all things magical in this household!

Her heart, however, didn’t break. She laughed! “After the last note, I only believed in the tooth fairy 30 percent. Now I believe zero percent.” And she still wanted the dollar.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Lulu.

-- Jo Tan

Anonymous said...

But at least she had 9 good years of "innocence" and I am sure it was magical while it lasted. :)