Wednesday, August 23, 2017

prodigal evolution

I don’t usually blog about things outside the family. But the evolution of a particular Australian child violin prodigy really had me in its grip. It's not a well-known story and she’s not really famous, not that I know of anyway. A friend told me about her.

This is her, when she was aged just 11, playing my favourite movement from one of my favourite concertos.

She's the child of an Australian father and Malaysian mother. She was made to practice five hours a day, apparently, something which she says she appreciated later.

She is really phenomenal, and I don’t use the word lightly, particularly not on kids. She has an incredibly beautiful mature tone that kids (and adult players) do not have. No, I have never been able to play like that, and I never will.

This is her now. Amazing, no? 

Her path echoes Vanessa Mae's, but I think that as a kid, she was better than Vanessa Mae. As an adult "pop" artist, however, she is less successful. She is probably very much happier playing pop, following her heart, her true path, all that jazz. Somehow, though, I feel sad.

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