Tuesday, August 29, 2017

teacher’s day happenings

Teacher’s Day in Singapore doesn’t take place on 1 September anymore. It took me a while to realize that. I think the date changes, falling just before the September one-week holidays so the teachers get a real break. The best gift for the teachers is not to teach.

The girls focus on making fabulous gifts for their school teachers and don’t want me interfering (which is great because I hear of parents doing all the work which I suppose I could… but I don’t really want to). They use a lot of the material which came from my friend.

Lu: She prefers to give cutesy whimsical home-made stuff.

* Cakes she sewed (with some help from me) using felt wool

* Lu's cards, on which she writes a lot of thoughts

Jo: She prefers to give very practical items. Sweets, a red pen.


* Jo's cards, on which she writes nothing but "Happy Teacher's Day". She had drafted out paragraphs telling her teachers what she liked about them, but she decided not to include her words (to my great dismay, despite what I told her last year) because she says, "I don't want the teachers to know what I think of them. It will be so weird if they see me in class and they know what I think."

* Jo's pop-out card

However, they dead refuse to devote any effort to teachers outside-of-home (like piano and Chinese tuition teacher).

Day did nothing, as usual. Is this a boy thing?

The day after, the girls excitedly troop over to Por Por’s to run through her stash of Teacher’s Day presents. They do this every year, and I think its an annual highlight for them. They take almost the entire pile. Por Por also directs them to the fridge where they help themselves to some of her chocolates.


They see Por Por throw away some of the more generic cards her students give her. She teaches over 500 kids in the school music, kids don't usually have much to say to music teachers they see once a week. (I cannot imagine how many things form teachers, or popular teachers, receive) 

Jo whispers, horrified, “Is that what my teacher is going to do with my card?” (I think Jo spent an entire man-day on her cards)

Oh dear.


VGoh said...

I have kept my cards for years. Some students are mothers now!

Sher said...

tts amazing!