Sunday, September 24, 2017

fishing update


We’re still fishing.

The beginner’s luck has worn off. Or, well, perhaps it ended when the parks officer took down KK’s details for fishing illegally in a non-fishing place (which explains why there were so many fish).

We haven’t caught any fish the last three weekends.

KK has bought another fishing rod, Day still doesn’t like fishing (especially not when KK scolded him for tangling his wires), Jo and Lu have both tried casting, and I have gotten a shade darker.

* Day and what he thinks of fishing

* Jo casting

I also wish I could take a picture of myself, dragging a market trolley full of water and drinks and food and portable chairs and umbrella and what not, chasing after the rest of my family who are merrily walking or skate-scooting away, and providing them with all the creature comforts when they finally settle down.

* Chair, books, food

Such is the life of a… fishing widow?

* The phone, Jo brought herself

* Strange pink things we saw

But as a taxi driver whom I was chatting to wisely told me, “You better follow your husband when he goes fishing. Don’t be like some women so stupid, otherwise he’ll find a companion then you know.”

I would have told him that’s not why I’m following him. I just want the family to do things together besides eat. But OK lor. Thanks, Uncle.

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Anonymous said...

the pink things are apple snail eggs :)