Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Life on Saturdays is taking a new turn.

Here’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for – that the hubby will finally want to do something in a natural setting, and the rest of us will follow. Because I will follow him, but if I tried to drag him to a park with my agenda, I doubt he'd co-operate.


* KK and kids

* The man's new hobby. Or a watch ad?

I don’t know if it will last.

At the moment the factors are not in place for sustainability. It’s a one-man hobby not a family hobby. Day is not particularly keen. The girls are certainly not, and I have zero interest in fishing. I don't like fish, apart from eating them.

But I’ll try my level best to engage the kids as KK does his fishing thing. God knows I love nature, it certainly ranks above malls and museums in my book.

How did it go?

Once the rod arrived, KK randomly hit a fishing spot somewhere in Singapore. Nothing for a while, as he and Day figured out how to keep the fishing line from tangling, and struggled with other teething problems. They practiced casting, which I’ve figured is how to throw the line out accurately to where you want it to go, and then reel it back in.


* Untangling the lines

* Practising casting

Then the fish started biting.

First time we went, I think they caught nine fish. Six for KK, three for Day. KK danced like a little boy. He was thrilled.

* KK's first ever fish, caught 7 September

* One rod, two boys

(I think it’s important to note that their bait is artificial, not live stuff, and that once caught, they release the fish back into the stream.)

* Removing the hook from the fish's mouth

* KK throwing the fish back

Looking down into the shallow water from the bridge, one sees heaps of fish, all facing one direction, uniformly spaced out, hovering in one spot despite the current, which is really quite odd. It's like they're just waiting to be caught.

* Day watching KK

Day was black-faced the first trip, but much happier second time around when he caught a relative biggie.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 18.53.59

The girls and I?

We get on our skate scooters, explore the green, check out nearby playgrounds if any and sweat it out. 

* Loads of lovely green. Sweaty, hot and mosquito-ey though


* Got myself a Mo!




* Jo and her fishball

* Lu drawing

* Lu, with kindle, long socks (with slippers) and jacket in the hot park!

Occasionally, Jo joins the boys. She wants me to take a photo of her fishing to put on her Instagram account but she hasn't actually tried fishing yet.

* Umbrella, very important



ZF said...

I guess this hobby appeals to different people. My husband is very against fishing for sport. He was traumatised by an offshore fishing trip with his relatives when he was just a little boy. Using a net to net small fishes to keep as pets is another issue. The drains around my Estate has tiny fishes and I see kids having fun scooping and bringing home.... Dunno to keep as pets or food for bigger fish!

I am also not looking forward to the time when the relative come back with unidentified fishes iced and wrapped, a kind gesture to add to our dinner (I quietly discard or pass to my on laws).

Sher said...

yea.. sport fishing... tts the name for it. my mum says we should snare fishes for food. bring to her kitchen and the maid will cook it. but dont think we will..