Saturday, September 02, 2017

hair poem


Cut my hair yesterday,
Pulled out from the class today.
"Your hair is really unacceptable,
The time to cut it was very ample"
Then tell me who am I to know
That Danil isn't that trustable. 
Later that day, 
school was ending and my mind was beginning to stray. 
Then a sweaty teacher came into the room.
"Oh no, its Mr Tay"
My heart started to pound,
And Mr Tay started to hound,
As I had an unfinished worksheet to hand up.
Then before I knew it, he shouted at me to stay back,
Showing the class I was a slacker.
And with that school ended,
Leaving me behind apprehended. 
So I took a deep breath and completed the worksheet,
Got on the bus and took a seat, 
Relieved that it was all over. 
"Oh crap!" I thought in my mind as I saw
That there was Taekwondo at four!

We don’t get calls from teachers. This is a good thing, for when teachers call its usually bad news.

Between the trio, I have never got a call for Jo or Lu. For Day, we’ve got a couple of calls this year, I think it’s the school policy for the student to call up the parent in front of the teacher when they fail to hand in pieces of work.

Recently, KK got a call. It was probably one of the more severe calls we have gotten. It related to Day’s hair.

See, the day before, the school did checks. They deemed that his hair was over-long. Day’s friend, Danil, a very handsome stylish fellow with eyelashes so thick it looks like eye-liner and hair all swept up in a curry puff, brought Day to his personal hair-dresser in the vicinity of the school.

Day got his hair cut on his own, and paid $6 for it.

* Self-portrait at the hair salon

What it was, was the most stylish and extreme hair cut he’s ever had. Shaved at the sides, tufty on top. Punk, is the word I’d use. KK and I went wah, and thought that was the end of it.


The next day, the teacher pulled him out again. Apparently, the hair style gave off a gangster vibe. Day seethed. Because he felt the haircut was OK and because he felt that there were many others in school with similar cuts, but who gelled it in ways to mask the punkiness of it. He felt he had been unfairly singled out.

In the bus on his way home, he was so inspired he wrote his poem, "Scolded". The first, and perhaps the last poem he’ll ever write in his life because he has never shown any poetic inclination.


ZF said...

The hair stylist should have the sense to cut on the Conservative side for school kids. To be honest, my husband's hair style is very similar to Day's. And my boy goes to the same salon too. I have to remind him to remind the stylist not to cut too short.

Yes, need to gel nicely. Every day, my husband spends more time doing up his hair than me. Haha.

Sher said...

hair stylist cuts his friend's hair... but i think the friend gels. anyway kk has cut off the tufts, so its less punky. in 2 weeks time the sides wld also hv grown out anyway.

Anonymous said...

Love the poem, his voice comes across so clearly :) June