Wednesday, September 06, 2017


The Kindle has joined Lu’s suite of armour. It’s perfect for her. Every time I buy her a book it pains me when she looks up two hours later and tells me she’s done.

2017 09 03_5027

How is the Kindle any different? It’s linked to KK’s credit card so he’s the one paying, not me!

KK chafes when she wants to buy several books a day, which happens most days. So sometimes she pays for her books. She bought David Walliam’s Awful Auntie for about $7+, she offered KK $8 (because she only has $2 notes from her Chinese New Year stash), he kindly gave her a discount and took $6 instead.

The Kindle also saves her having to haul a library into her little haversack whenever we go out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sher Maine,

Long time reader of your blog de-lurking.

Have you tried borrowing ebooks for Lu from Nat Library? They have an extensive collection in their database:

I've almost stopped buying books for my son this year - hurray for my wallet & our sagging bookshelves but I feel bad for Kinokuniya & Popular


ZF said...

My husband did something to my hp and it has this Overdrive application that let me borrow books from nlb. My boy finished his whole maze runner book series and majority of Percy Jackson books free on this app as the books are always not available in nlb (on loan to others).

Not sure if compatible to kindle though.. I not very tech savvy.

Sher said...

Thanks for suggestions!

I'll try, except that we don't really want her reading off a device (ie phone or ipad or computer screen) which offers access to other things, like Internet or Youtube.

The Kindle has nothing but... books, which is good.

Anonymous said...

Hello, maybe you can try following the instructions to download Overdrive books into your kindle here: