Sunday, September 10, 2017

new passions

Not us, exactly, but of family members.


This is Choon’s new love.

He’s pretty crazy about photography these days. He doesn’t have a ton of equipment – excepting three tripods – but he derives his weekend joy from cycling or going around to new places taking photographs.

Every time he notices something, it’s using his photographer's eye. Like – Oh the sky is pink! What a waste, I should be taking a photograph of it at Marina Bay. Or – Oh this playground is so old and interesting, I want to take a photo of it.

How and why did he develop this passion? Who knows?

When I take photos, I like to show people expressing emotions, in their natural state (not the “say cheese” kind) and interacting. My favourite photos are the type where the subject might look at it and say - Aiyoh I look so ugly!

His photos are people-less. Excepting the odd photo where Phoebe is standing solo in the shot, his eye is architectural, structural, based on lines. He shows me photos on his laptop, and just swiftly glancing through the rows and rows, what you primarily see are shapes. People are peripheral: blurs and shadows.

I asked him for some of his favourites:

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-12 at 21.17.52

2017 08 18_4661

2017 07 09_3245

2017 07 02_3043

2017 07 01_3112

2017 06 11_2867

2017 06 10_2815

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