Monday, September 18, 2017

tech crunch

The universe is trying to teach me something, using tech.

First, the mobile. I cycled, it dropped out of the basket, it got run over by cars, I brought it in for repair to the tune of about $150 because the repair whiz kids said it was a simple matter of changing the screen, I spent several painful days without a phone, got it back, Lu dropped it on the floor within a week, the screen blacked out, I brought it in for repair again, I was so downcast KK lobbied for a temporary phone on my behalf, but it will again be several painful days without my phone and Whatsapp.

Along the way, KK exited several of my chat groups and deleted them by accident (after I placed my SIM card into his phone to check my Whatsapps and they remained even after I took out the card), to my great dismay because sometimes it’s politically insensitive to leave a group. People wonder – Why don’t you want to friend us anymore?

Around the same time, the relatively new desktop blacked out at the time that my usual IT consultant Teng was away in Queensland for reservist duty, I lugged the CPU in to some random IT outfit I found online, they charged $90 for doing essentially very little, found another problem with the power supply, charged another $150, was not ready on the promised day, I still do not have it. I have not had my desktop for a week.

No one else around me as a readily available computer with Microsoft Word I can use. I grab opportunities to use whatever computer I can get my hands on, typing articles in Google Docs or gmail or whatever.

So here I am, a freelance writer with jobs due and million other people to “get back to”, with no desktop, no Microsoft Word, no IT consultant and no mobile phone.

The funniest bit was actually when I tried to take a taxi to bring the girls to tuition. I walked out with the girls to try and flag a cab by the roadside (yeah, NO ONE does that anymore) No cabs were available, not after 10 minutes. People stared at me as I waved my arm, I think it’s a rare sight these days.

I had no phone to Grab, no phone to call 65521111, I had ordered Day to leave his phone at home so he wouldn’t be staring at the screen all day, and when I wanted to borrow Jo’s phone to call for a cab, I find to my horror that KK had not paid her bill and so she couldn’t make calls (that’s us, collectively scatter-brained). I made Day run home to get his phone so I could call.

As Day puts it, “what is it with you and making screens go black?” (this after I tried to use KK’s laptop and the screen turned black. Turns out the power was low and I had plugged in using a faulty socket)

I don’t know. What is the learning point here?

I think it’s that I’m too behind and too easily frustrated. When it comes to tech, this is a recurring theme in my life. Mum is ahead of me. She tells me – “Why don’t you just change your phone?” I say, “I have stuff in the old one”. She says, “But I just bring everything over”. (I don’t know how to do that. I don’t even know how people ensure that their contacts are ported over every time they change a phone. I always end up having to re-key in numbers and names)

And as I desperately tell myself that these are first-world problems and that essentially I should be grateful I am still strong enough to do housework and the laundry, and that everyone around me is healthy, stuff like that does seep in. Somewhat. Because it is true, isn't it? 

There’s no need to bust a vein just because I am cut off from the world, even if my livelihood depends on it. 


Lysithea said...

Hi hi! You have to save all your contacts to your SIM card, then you can port the numbers over :) Use google for instructions. Very friendly!

Sher said...

OK i'll do that once i get the phone back... thanks! but what if i lose my SIM card? shldnt i then also save to the "cloud" or watever?

Anonymous said...

Save your contacts under Google Contacts, that way you can import the contacts into whichever phone you use

ZF said...

I am watching behind tech stuff.
I make up by having 2 guys around the house who are tech savvy. Both self taught. My 15 year old's tech savviness now surpasses his dad and no, he is not addicted to computer as his interest lies in backing up all his information from nonsense chats to nonsense photos - a trait I share with him.

So even year when we upgrade to a new phone, foc due to contract renewal, I passed these 2 guys my phone and they give it back to me in 1-2 days with everything backed up and mostly personalised the way I wanted. And provide tech support as and when I stuck with new features. So what's my incentive to learn? Lol.

My 11 year old is catching up as sank deeper into tech up savviness. But it still bother me to switch on the computer needing to reply some mails to find it in a mode that I can't work on.

Sher said...

zf: great idea! my bro does this for me though. he's my tech guy. just tt he was away for nearly 3 weeks...