Friday, September 22, 2017

town job

I am very thankful because I got a job with a fixed monthly wage. An ongoing research project which will end... when I'm done I guess.

It comes with a library space which I am welcome to use, as there are materials there which can't be found anywhere else.

* Looking out the window

It is a challenge to try and go 2, 3 times a week; it is very disruptive to the schedule the kids and I have gotten used to, and after a month of this I have found that it is a lot more tiring than I thought it would be.

But truth be told, I do love going in, even if it means "abandoning" the kids and the housework.


The thrill of going to an “office” of sorts, dead silent and air-conditioned and spotlessly maintained where even after five hours of continuous intense brain work I don’t feel the least bit tired.


(At home, I manage to convince myself that it’s fabulous doing work while perspiring in the heat and humidity - I don't turn on the aircon to save on the bill, with the opportunity to jump up and do some housework in-between, but this office experience has put cracks in my self psycho-ing)

There are experiences aplenty which I have missed out on in the last 13 years, not all good but all interesting.

Going to “work” on the MRT (I once drove and attracted a $20 parking charge after 2-3 hours), waiting in a queue as packed train after packed train zooms past (830am, worst time), walking slowly among the very brisk walkers of Shenton Way, perusing the numerous salad bars in the area (I love rabbit food), grabbing rice paper rolls and enjoying it with an aloe vera-goji drink in the open air (so pretentious but I like it), making a hot drink and enjoying it in the office pantry, buying nice croissants from Paul for the girls (they love the pastries, very expensive but tasty), hopping onto the Obike or Mobike or Ofo bike from the MRT station to cycle home (exercise to end the day!).

* Lunch. Out in the open so I don't have to jostle with the crowds

* Favourite lunch. The building I go to looks like it has a USB port built in the middle of it


* Spoilt for choice of bikes at the MRT

Every time I go to work, it’s an escape. I freaking feel like I’m going to the spa, it's so peaceful. It's probably just the novelty but I'll enjoy while it lasts.

Day and Jo wave me off. They tell me, Go Mama, just go, we're OK. With the computer spoilt, there is even more reason to go in because I can't quite work at home.

But Lulu doesn't want me to go to work. "I don't want you to be like Papa," she says, "I want you to be with me". I tell her the project won't last forever. It's a temporary blessing from the Heavens so Mama can help Papa to pay for stuff.

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