Tuesday, October 10, 2017

a gift

When I returned home from rehearsal tonight, I was bestowed a great gift.

See, the week has been a mad one.

The same German ballet company I played for three years ago is back in town to dance Romeo and Juliet, and every day of the week is filled with rehearsals, twice a day, from 3-10pm with a dinner break. Before that, I go to work.

Just like last time in 2014, they bus to Gong Gong and Por Por’s place after school and they stay there, through lunch and dinner, after which they come home.

By the time I stagger home at about 1030 - completely exhausted by the harmonic and finger gymnastics and mental focus required of the Prokofiev ballet, on top of the tons of research which started the day - they are usually still awake. Because no one had ordered and nagged them to go to bed.

I see them all awake (I still need to put them to sleep and I know I’ll have a hard time waking them up the next morning) see the messy house, and I just lose it.

One night I just gave up. Took off my shoes, plonked down my stuff, changed, washed my feet and collapsed into bed all grimy without a shower, kids all still up. Half-awake, I blearily ordered them to brush teeth and sleep. My fatigue was edged with fury.

I think Lulu felt really sorry for me.

Tonight, when I returned home, I opened the door to see a spotless living room with shoes all lined up in a straight line and nothing on the floor.

I felt an instant lifting of my spirits.

Then Lulu ran up to me. “Do you like it, Mama? I packed the living room!” She took my hand and led me around the house. She had also washed the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and parts of the bedrooms, which usually look like explosion sites.

The wonders didn’t cease. She handed me a little bouquet comprising flowers she had picked from the roadside, during her walk from the bus stop as they were making their way to their grandparents’ house. “For you, Mama”. 




Anonymous said...

Lulu is such a sweet little girl!

Anonymous said...

So touching! Reminds me of the blog entry you wrote some years back of lulu cleaning up - putting the glass in the sink, wiping up etc when she was still a wee little thing. I hope you really smothered her with hugs and praises! She's so thoughtful.
-long time reader

Anonymous said...

I just shed a few tears, as a fellow mother. Moment etched in mama's heart forever. Bursting with pride!
-Another long time reader-