Thursday, October 26, 2017

bbq food snapshot

The BBQ at the Folk’s Place is something that I, that we, take for granted.

Whenever anyone wants a gathering of any sort, it’s so easy for any of us to say – Oh I want to have a BBQ on this date, with X number of people.

And that’s it.

It’s like placing an order for a BBQ and on the day itself, everything is magically done up. The benches are pulled out, the tables are covered with clothes and moved out to the porch, the food is prepared and marinated, and someone is on standby to do the fire work.

* Usually its Jai. Or KK, if he deigns to socialise. These days, Day takes over, he loves fire

It is an incredible luxury, one which I try not to tap on more than once or twice a year.

* The joy of garden space

* The most recent: A gathering of JC classmates, folks I have not seen for nearly 25 years

For these BBQs, blessings come in the form of the house (garden for BBQ-ing, dining under the stars… that sort of thing), the kids’ Gong Gong and Por Por (who do all the buying of ingredients because they know the best places to go, but of course I pay them back) and Jai, the superwoman who prepares and processes all the food from morning, through to evening.

I recently host one BBQ and not one, but two friends come up to me to say: “Oh my goodness, your folks have an amazing helper. Can she come and train ours?"

These BBQs are woven into the fabric of our lives, and lest things change (and of course it will at some point), I want to remember the food that we are treated to. The menu never changes.

Drink: Always rose syrup

Carbs: Jai’s incredible fried bee-hoon, fried using stock boiled from pork and prawn heads

Curry with baguette, this is Lu’s favourite

Kueh Pie Tee, this is my favourite

Sausages, which the kids devour


Bananas, meant to be put on the BBQ until it melts inside. This, Gong Gong learnt from a friend who brought bananas to the BBQ (instead of the usual wine or cake or dessert) and demonstrated the kampong delicacy. The friend, Uncle Gae, said, "Last time we got no money we had to improvise on what food to cook."

Stingray: One of Day’s favourites


Japanese yellow-fleshed sweet potato and corn

Rojak, mum’s specialty

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