Saturday, October 14, 2017


While I’m not paying attention.

The girls scurry off to the back toilet where they remain for a long period of time. Ten minutes, maybe 15.

I realize that the house is abnormally quiet and when I figure they must be in the back toilet I try to push open the door. They squeal and say, “we’re shitting Mama!” I repeat, “We??” and leave. Some things are best not to know.

They emerge, breathless, laughing at themselves and each other, giggles running up and down the scale as they shimmy away like nymphs, with my make-up bag in their hands.


IMG_4067 copy

“Are you angry with us, Mama?” No, of course not, I say.

All I can think is: They did a good job.

Eyebrows are drawn on point, lips are properly outlined and filled, foundation is smoothly smeared, sparkly eyes are just enough to not be vulgar.

They’ve seen me applying make-up on the rare occasion, I just didn’t realize how much they were learning. (on a side note, they see me playing the violin too, how come no one gives it a try?)

* What they used: BB cream foundation, eye-shadow, cheek tint, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara

They allow me to take a photo, which is a big deal. They seem quite proud of their work. And they’re not the least bit shy or ashamed.

I remember, every time I had make-up put on me in the past, I felt thoroughly embarrassed, like I didn’t know where to put my face, like I was trying to be someone I was not, I didn’t know how to behave. I never liked the made-up face I saw in the mirror, to me always overly-dramatic and too OTT, and much preferred my own sallow plain one. Even today, to some extent.

The girls aren’t the least bit like that.

“It’s fun!” declared Lu, who does have a tendency to try the odd item or two from my make-up bag. From an artistic perspective, I see where she’s coming from. I also think she has the confidence to try and look how she wants to look, what with the hats and socks and face paint. Jo is a little more shy but Jo, too, likes looking pretty.

Removing the make-up is another thing altogether. I teach them how, stressing the importance of getting every bit of it off, and they realize how troublesome it is.

I seize the opportunity: “I think I prefer you both without makeup.”


Anonymous said...

the first pic - that's totally kk (jo) and you (lu)! Lu definitely has your sweet smile :)

Sher said...

really?! i cant see it. to me they both look like dad. totally.