Sunday, October 08, 2017

foot power

We tried something new at the start of the year.

Traffic conditions were worse than usual – Primary 1 parents all driving in, re-opening of a school which had been closed for renovations, narrowing of roads in the suburb from two to one lane to make it elder-friendly - and I got fed up.

The girls and I started skate-scooting to school.


Even though traffic conditions eventually eased, the habit has continued.

Unless it rains, we scoot to school four days in a week, the fifth being the day I need the car for my marketing run.


Its faster than driving – which involves going one big round – and the girls love starting the day with a little warm-up, especially since their bags are all hanging from the handlebars of my scooter and they have no burden. It’s also the Green thing to do.


At school, they park their scooters at a designated bike park area.

And when I pick them up, the scooters are loaded back into the car, for use the next morning.

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