Monday, October 02, 2017

lu’s sport medal


This is the first sports medal Lu has won in her life. For Hopscotch in the Lower Primary level during the School Sports Day.


It was just another piece of metal. Until I thought about it and realized that she’s never taken part in any of the runs which her Gor and Jae participated in. Nor does she have gym. And in school, she’s the kid who has her nose buried in a book, not running around.

She was very stressed about Sports Day the night before. “I don’t want to take part in the Sports Day, Mama, what if I want to vomit?”

In the morning she wanted to skip school, her face was downcast. But it was a different face I saw when I picked her up after school. She was rather smiley.

She whipped out the medal at home, proudly, placing it around her neck and strutting like a peacock.

If she has her way, though, it’d be the last sports medal she ever gets. She still hates sports. And competition in general.

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