Monday, October 30, 2017


Results are out. Nutshell:

Day is… very relaxed. He only fails... one subject! And he makes it to Sec 2 Express! Yay!

Lu is getting her stamina up for the PSLE. The year proved somewhat draining for her, due to the homework load, and she's more tired than she's ever been before. But she’s come through. Next year, we'll take it a day at a time.

Jo owns her school career. Without a pushy mum or extra assessment books or a proper study schedule and always relying on last-minute mugging (during which I yell at her to go to bed and forget the books), she manages fine. She cares a lot about her work and results. 

Like, she actually bothers to memorise good phrases for her English composition while the other two just go in and whack because they think their English is good enough.

She dutifully calculates her estimated PSLE aggregate based on her results while I'm out one day and Whatsapps me in distress: "Ma... I'm so sad. SO SAD. Wahhhhh!!! I converted my total results in P5 and it's XXX! Like it isn't even more than YYY! Nooooo.... It'll only get worse in P6!" I suppose she is somewhat mollified when she converts Day's P5 result and discovers that its lower than hers.

Amidst the moans and groans of her siblings about how they hate school, she quietly comes up to me to admit (like it’s not quite a cool thing to say), “Actually, Mama, I think I like school.” That is really, really one of the most fabulous things I can hope to hear. She LIKES this education system! One out of three is not bad!

For her, the fearful P5 drop didn’t quite happen. But I’m also glad that she knows herself very well. “That’s because I’m meticulous and careful,” she said, on a good Maths result. “But if they want me to think out-of-the-box I don’t think I can do it.”

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