Tuesday, October 24, 2017

stories, notes ‘n’ adventure

Jo and three of her friends – a new bunch this year – started a comic of sorts: Stories, notes 'n' adventure.


It’s a lined notebook, and rotates from person to person. They started it in the middle of the year, thereabouts. What each person does is to draw a little comic, to add to the adventures of the four girls featured in the book.

Jo and her friends have very different drawing styles.

* Noreez and Miki, the two whom Jo says can really draw

* Khuan Hui and Jo

This little side-project got Jo interested in drawing once more (she had stopped entirely) as she tried to draw as well as her friends.

The book is a gem, the imaginings of 11-year-old girls. Something which, if Jo gets to keep, I’ll certainly pop into a Ziploc bag and hope to treasure forever.

School camp shenanigans, shopping mall excursions, café hopping, going all over the world, hanging out at Hong Kong Disneyland…. It’s cute as can be.

* Dressing Room: (This outfit is so cute! Woah!) (No money, $5 only) (I don't think I need to buy anything) (Same here)

* We're all in Alice in Wonderland! (Shopping bags sent to hotel) (New outfit bought) Fifth girl below is by Emilyn, Jo's best friend who is a "guest artist"

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