Friday, November 17, 2017

book prize

Prize-giving day in school, Jo gets a Top Performer award. This year, she is a lot less hung up, and only screams at me just before we leave the house because I lost the official letter which tells her exactly what to bring and where to go at what time.

* Alamak. Sorry Jo...

* Cert and a nice little Smiggle gift card

Many of my fellow parents come up to me to congratulate me - they stick out a hand to shake my hand not Jo's - which is really nice, but I feel really odd.

Is it so automatic that a child’s accomplishments (or lack thereof) is attributed to the mother, or parents, even if they have nothing to do with it?

It seems so.

Never mind. I shall bask in the limelight while it lasts and be perceived as a Mother Who Raised a Top Performer, even though the credit is entirely hers. 

If she won a Good Character award, though, ah! I would want to take full credit. That is where I have to work the hardest and it really is Herculean labor which makes me huff and puff, rant and rave, shout and scream, though at this stage, the less said the better.

Have I ever mentioned she has a steel will?

* Award venue in the school hall

* Jo's supporters: Me, Lu and Eva

* Jody, 我们永远支持你!(the photo backdrop was meant for the prize winners but Jo refused to take a photo)

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ZF said...

Congratulations to Jo!
How she did it with no parental push?! Hahaha!