Saturday, November 18, 2017


With Day there wasn’t much choice.

There wasn’t any talent he could use to shove his foot in to a good secondary school via DSA or direct school admission (in which case the PSLE result would not even really matter), and his results were not quite good enough for him to consider anything other than the O level stream.

With Jo there is more choice.

Which means we (or rather, I) have to be a little more sensitive to what would suit her best, and be more diligent in finding out exactly what the options are. KK’s opinion is, “I think she’ll be fine wherever she goes.” Righto.

DSA? Yes, I believe she could use the erhu to get into a good school. Only she doesn’t want to. “I don’t want to have to join the Chinese Orchestra in secondary school," she says.

What I see is that she doesn’t yet have a demonstrably strong interest in any one area. She’s never had a go at sport, not a team sport anyway, perhaps secondary school would be a good place for her to try.

Then what course? O level? IP? IB? She could possibly qualify. What, then?

If grades permit, we are leaning towards an IP programme in an all-girl’s school, where she wouldn’t be distracted by boys. (She has said, “But I like having boys in my class because they make so much noise the teachers don’t pay so much attention to me.”)

Why IP? I think she, er, likes project work? (She said, “But I like structure, Mama. I like the teacher writing everything on the board, and I copy everything and take the exam, I don’t have to speak in class.”)

Whatever it is, I hope she knows what she wants by then. I think she will. Unlike Day who didn't mind anything, I think she's more picky.

I bring her for two Open House events today. Day’s school, and another all girl’s school which is nearby. I just wanted her to get a sense.

* Jo, who meets up with best friend Emilyn to check out the Open Houses together

* Checking out the room for the Enhanced Art Programme, which I pay attention to not for Jo, but for Lu, who is wavering from her SOTA dream because she says she doesn't want to be competing amongst the best

* My highlight of Open House? Seeing Day on stage!


Anonymous said...

If she likes to write/is good in writing, IB would be a better choice.
She's highly motivated so IP would be suitable since there's a lot of self-directed learning. But IP schools can be quite competitive - is she the goal-getter type? If she enjoys competition, IP would be fine :)

ZF said...

If she doesn't like to speak up, IP may be an issue. But she may be trained/peer pressure to learn so if she gets into a school suited for her. IP may not be as structured as olevel schools. You need to voice out and proactive in approaching teachers for help.
If I have a daughter, I will send to girls school. Lol.
Maybe can ask Day. What are his perspectives in studying in a Co Ed sec school.
She getting top performance in p5, likely going to do very well in p6. And no need you to nag. :)