Wednesday, November 29, 2017

sydney: bilpin farmstay

Our last stop, #3 was a boutique farm. I enjoyed farm stays tremendously in my childhood, I thought the kids should try one out before they became old and cynical. Actually I still enjoy farm stays...

It's boutique as it's not a real working farm, but showcases several animals (all bestowed names for novelty’s sake) for the kids to feed and pet. Located at Bilpin, a real nowhere kind of spot in the Blue Mountains. Nowhere means no eating out, we had to cook ourselves, using ingredients bought from a tiny supermarket a good 15 minutes drive away. The owner also provided a ton of bacon, sausages, eggs, milk in the fridge. But there's only so much processed meat one can take!

* Typical dinner / breakfast, whatever. Fried-up, bad (quite yummy) stuff!

* Comforting chicken macaroni soup with actual vegetables

Still, the kids liked this part of the holiday the most.

* The lodge

Why? Because there were plenty of activities without having to walk.

A charming long-ish kind of house where up to 20 people can stay (and share common areas like a kitchen / TV room etc), there was a horse, a pony, a very gentle alpaca which looked like it got bullied most of the time, an ornery goat (Ollie) which Lu liked at first then later declared she hated because he was fussy and kept banging the gate with his horns for food and 12 chooks.

Its actually a really nice place for friends and families.


* Jo feeding the alpaca, Denton

* Ollie


* The hen in the middle of laying its egg

* Morning egg collection. Twelve eggs from 12 chooks

Which kid doesn’t love feeding animals?

Then there was the indoor space with the trampoline which the kids spent many happy hours on, together with the other Singaporean family (four daughters) whom we happened to meet there.

* Table tennis and trampolining

* Jo and Lu's routine

* With daughter #3 from the other family, Heidi

The lake for kayaking. I really enjoyed this, for some reason.


* Day did the standing kayak most times. He was the only one who dared to kayak while standing

And for me, the most interesting, the (slightly wonky) pianola! It was like playing on a museum exhibit! All you have to do is to attach a roll of music (with holes in it) and step on the pedals. Music emerges, due to some mechanism of pumping air. Every roll was a new piece of music and it was utterly fabulous, for me. Took a bit of figuring out, though. The pianola didn't come with instructions.

* Pianola scores

* Lu playing He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

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