Monday, November 27, 2017

sydney: leura

Stop #2 was at Leura, a small charming Blue Mountains village.

* Leura: One row of charming shops along a small road with loads of trees

We think this is where dear little Lulu was made (while we were having our Blue Mountains hurrah) so we thought we’d bring her there.

What do the kids remember most of it, though?

We never visited the Candy Store in the past. But it’s what almost every local told us we had to visit.


It’s a veritable Willy Wonka treasure trove of all manner of sweets. It’s where the kids spent the most time, just hopping in, again and again, to browse the shelves and “look-see” (because there’s a limit to how many sweets we will get them). Me, when I walked in, I felt a bit sick because of the sweet fumes.



* Day's stash, inclusive of cinnamon Mentos!

The rest of Leura, all three days and two nights of it, passed by in a bit of a blur.

We did a garden (Everglades), a scenic spot (Three Sisters lookout), the kids discovered Back to the Future on TV and watched three consecutive nights of it (Back to the Future 1, 2, 3), KK was there with us in body but not in spirit as he was beleaguered with work.

* Three Sisters, with a rare family photo

* Everglades Historic House and Gardens

* KK with spiffy new Panama hat

* Glued to the laptop

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