Tuesday, November 21, 2017

sydney surprise

We’re back and I’m taking my own sweet time to catch up.

This is by far the most memorable holiday I’ve ever had - and which I think I’ll ever have - in my entire life.

Why? It was a time of deep, emotional reflection. That while Coogee and many of the places we re-visited were the same, so many other things had changed. The hopes, the joy, the happiness I felt as a 31-year-old on a year-long sojourn in Sydney, echoed in my bones as I walked the same paths as a 42-year-old, but reality has truly bitten and the echoes are hollow. So little has changed, yet so much changed.

On an upbeat note, one of the biggest surprises came our way as we were walking at Coogee Beach, past the Oporto chicken outlet we used to patronize (and which looks exactly the same as it did in 2006, even the chairs)

A lady who was eating there with her two sons did a double-take when she spied KK and the girls, who were walking in front of me.

She came up to him. “Would you happen to be married to a lady called Sher?"

She’s a blog reader! We got recognized in Sydney! I mean, what are the chances?

I talked to Adnil a bit. She’s American, came across our online lives years ago when she was searching for playgroups in the Coogee area for her boys, and she’s been with us ever since, enjoying little slices of Singapore life.

The kids, especially the girls, came away a little pale-faced. They can’t believe I have readers who recognize them. In another country.

* Adnil and I outside Oporto


Anonymous said...

Did the kids remember the place? Jun

Sher said...

no! nothign!

Dee said...

I see you too! At Kiliney. HAHA. I don't do double take on you anymore. Don't worry. haha. I don't say Hi bcos I don't want to leave your girls pale faced in the morning. haha.

Sher said...

oh DEAR!