Friday, December 01, 2017

sydney: abode

Last one! About one place we stayed in. With the advent of home booking websites, our holiday residences have become memorable. The first one we tried was in Penang, this time most of our accommodation was booked the same way, no more hotels!

The prettiest Sydney home was in Coogee. I took the opportunity to book an architecturally award-winning cottage for us to stay in, with very new facilities and copper everywhere. Cost for six days five nights:  S$1705. I think it was pretty OK.

* The house sits on a hill and is split into three levels, one living room, two bedrooms and one bathroom


* Lu who felt cold in Sydney

* The house walls comprise copper

Here’s a video Jo did up for me, with Filmora, soundtrack is the bird calls I recorded one morning when the birds were particularly communicative. Watching it really brings us back to the time we were there!

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